Personalized Licensed Plates - What Do They Say About Us?

Personalized licensed plates and frames are great. They tell so much about a person’s personality, their sense of humor, or what’s important to them.

A friend of mine has a frame around her license plate that reads, “Drive Only as Fast as Your Angels Can Fly.” Another friend’s reads, “My Other Car is a Broom.”

I recently saw a personalized frame that said, “Make God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans.”

Maybe I'm being too analytical, but what does that mean???

Has the driver become cynical? Did he once ask for God’s help with his dreams and aspirations, but failing to accomplish them, now blames God? Does he believe that God sits on His throne, laughing at us while He thinks of ways to thwart our plans?

Or…does the driver believe that God delights in our hopes, dreams, and plans so much, that it sets Him to laughing from pure joy at our willingness to share them?

What would your license frame say?

Happy driving,


  1. Hi there,
    what a superb idea mentioning christian books and how to find them; you're so right; it's not only difficult to find them, but sometimes even thinking that there might be good christian books worth reading is not easy.
    Pace e Bene

  2. Freddie,
    Glad to hear that you liked the post. It's been frustrating for me to know how much great material is out there that people aren't aware of.


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