The Garden

This past summer we “remodeled” our landscaping. The gate in the photo leads from the front of the house to the backyard. With the arrival of spring, the shrubs along the pathway will burst with crimson blossoms.

One of my favorite books as a child was, “The Secret Garden.” In the story, a young girl and boy find a secret garden hidden behind a door. Due to neglect, the garden appears to have withered away and died. But, the children discover the roots of many plants to still be viable. With loving, tender care they bring the garden back to life.

A friend told me years ago that my soul is like a garden. That visual has stayed with me. Maybe because it gives me a sense of peace to be close to nature and anything blooming. I can’t wait to load up my car in the spring – more than once – with flowers to plant.

We all have bad days, bad weeks…and some of us even have bad years. We all know people who suck the life out of us and we know people who make us feel good just to be around them. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the demands of work, family, and daily living and forget that we need time to regroup.

If you’ve gone through deep hurt or tough times and you feel dried up or dead inside, believe that the roots in your soul can bring forth new life.

What brings nourishment to my soul?

Foremost is my relationship with God. But also a husband who loves me, daughters who enjoy spending time with me…and friends who not only make me laugh, but who are there when I need them, day or night.

Add to that…creative outlet through writing, a good book, a great movie, a fire in the fireplace, and chocolate!

We all need to take care of the garden place in our souls.

What do you do to take care of yours?



  1. Dawn, what a nice layout (both the house addition and the blog) :) A good idea to list favorite authors; perhaps one day you and I will list each other! I'll come back to visit!

  2. Hi dawn,
    the garden of our souls...and I immediatly think of St. Teresa of Liesux, a catholic carmelitan, who said we all are flowers in the garden of God, that's why some of us are roses and other are simple wild flowers...we are all different in front of God, so personally special to Him, and yet He waters us with the same loving care...

  3. Freddie,

    Very cool. I like that...
    I'll tuck it away. :)

    It can be a helpful reminder when dealing with individuals who are not so easy to like at times.
    What do you think? God still waters even the weeds and thorny plants.

    Are you a friar? A temporary professor in Italy? I just read your bio, but don't understand Italian. Just curious.


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