A Dream Sent from Heaven

I believe God speaks to us in a variety of ways.

Sometimes He speaks through doors closing, the counsel of other people, gut feelings, or by an inner voice that whispers in our ear.

I even believe that God uses dreams.

Four years ago we lost my nineteen-year old stepdaughter in a tragic car accident. Angela had a strong faith and we knew she’d find rest in the arms of a God who loved her even more than we could. But, that didn’t stop the pain and grief that followed.

With time the pain has become more tolerable, but it never leaves. Her absence is even more difficult during the holidays when the rest of the family gathers together and she’s not here with us.

But, today my husband shared a dream with me. A dream that felt incredibly real. A dream he didn’t want to keep to himself…

Sonny was at work when his cell phone rang. Part of the conversation went something like this…

“Hi, Dad!”


“It’s me, Dad.” Her voice was as clear as could be.

“Where are you?”

“ I’m surrounded by gold.”

“Ang, have you seen Jesus?”

“Yeah, I talk to Him all the time.”

By the time the conversation ended and Sonny woke up, he had a renewed sense of peace.

God knew my husband missed his youngest daughter. We believe God sent a dream from heaven to reassure Sonny that she’s okay and in good hands.

Sweet dreams,

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