Review of Her Nerdy Cowboy by Annette M. Irby

About the book …

Logan McDaniels leaves college in Seattle to help out his widowed sister on her ranch—only Logan isn’t cowboy material. He wears glasses and wants a career teaching English. He arrives in Wyoming, feeling out of place and inadequate, but things look up when he meets the pretty Claire Langley. A cousin of the deceased rancher, she’s there to help with his children while Logan’s sister gets the ranch running smoothly again. Attracted to each other, but pulled in directions that may lead them elsewhere, it’s uncertain if there could ever be anything more between Logan and Claire than a limited friendship on the ranch.

My review …

A nerdy cowboy is not your typical hero—at least, he’s not mine. But, I have to admit, after reading this story, it was easy to see Logan as an attractive, heroic man. I quickly took a liking to him. Claire is an example of a selfless woman who is trying to do the right thing, even when it comes at a personal cost.

Her Nerdy Cowboy is a delightful, well-written romance showing how God can bring two people together in the most unlikely circumstances. Only 37 pages, it can easily be enjoyed while savoring a cup of tea after a hectic day. Take a break and treat yourself!


Annette M. Irby has enjoyed writing since her teen years. If she’s not writing, she’s reading for review, or editing. Married twenty-three years, she lives with her husband and three children in the Northwest. The Nerdy Cowboy is her latest release, following Husband Material and Love Letters. She currently works as a freelance editor as well as editing for publishing houses. Annette has served in her church as a mentor, cell pastor, and vocalist on the worship team. She enjoys photography, nature, and falling deeper in love with Jesus.

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