Bored? Really?

My husband and I traveled to Wisconsin so we could be present for my niece’s High School graduation and the celebration that followed.

The youngest of my brother’s children, she’s also my Goddaughter. The two of us bonded soon after her birth. Vanessa and I not only share blood ties, we share common interests, ways of thinking, and our faith.

Before, during, and after the festivities, I stood back and observed how much my niece has grown and matured. She’s become a young woman ready to begin a journey with unknowns - so ready to move beyond the known. So ready to explore the world. I’m excited for her and the adventure that lies ahead.

Starting down new paths keeps life full, challenging, and interesting.

I’ve never understood people who complain about boredom. God has provided us with a never-ending banquet of things to see, experience, and learn. There will never be enough time to taste it all.

Don’t sit back and complain about life being bland.
Get up, look around you…and enjoy the feast!


What Do You Need to Weed Out?

The air heated to ninety degrees as the sun’s bright rays bore down on the earth – the temperature much hotter than normal for spring weather in Seattle.

The couple’s group at our church had committed to several hours of yard work at the church that Saturday, and we decided to follow through, despite the uncomfortable conditions.

We all worked hard, but teased and laughed at how ridiculous it was for us to put ourselves in such a grueling situation.

While three men mowed the expansive lawn surrounding the building, the rest of us dug into dirt and pulled unsightly weeds living beneath trees, hedges, and shrubs.

Likewise…sometimes we need to weed out what potentially could overtake, strangle, or suffocate us.

Those things may be…

busy, unnecessary activities we engage in…

bad habits, addictions, toxic relationships…

pride, ego, selfishness…

You know what your list includes.

Similar to scorching summer afternoons, we may have to bear some heat when people don’t understand why we say no to things they’ve grown accustomed to us doing.

Be aware. Even though we may think we’ve thoroughly cleaned out those bothersome weeds, it doesn’t take much for them to sprout again.

When we dig deep to remove what hinders us from thriving – the work will be difficult. The roots may be embedded more than we think. We may feel some aches and pains. But, we don’t need to rely on our own strength. God is here to help us.

When we’re free of what threatens to take over the garden of our lives, we’re able to grow strong and beautiful. We might even grow tall enough to offer a bit of shade to those who need shelter.


You Are Significant

I think at one time or another, we all wonder if we’re significant in this vast universe.

We question whether we contribute anything worthwhile to the lives of people around us.

We plow on, working at our jobs or spending hours taking care of our family’s needs.

At the end of the day, we might even ask, “Is this all there is?”

And then feel totally inadequate and balk when an opportunity presents itself to do more…

Last weekend several of my friends and I attended a conference for Christian writers. The workshops were geared toward both fiction and nonfiction writing. The keynote speaker for the two evenings was Cecil (Cec) Murphey.

Cecil has written more than 100 books that have sold six million copies in more than 20 languages. He’s co-authored a number of autobiographies and books for well-known personalities. This energetic man is the best-selling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven, Committed but Flawed, and Touchdown Alexander, the story of Seattle Seahawks MVP running back Shaun Alexander.

Yet – my two friends and I had never heard of Cecil Murphey.

This author shared how attendees at book signings often pass him by to talk to the person he’s written about. People often don’t believe Cec had anything to do with the book until they’re shown his name on the cover.

Cecil isn’t known for writing the great American novel. He’s known for getting into the heads of others so he can write their story. And often he writes about people who have come from nothing, but still accomplish great things.

God has used Cecil’s willingness to use his talent – even though it may at times look like he’s taking second chair – so that he can help people share God’s significance in their lives.

If you read the Bible, you’ll find story after story about God using someone who appears insignificant to do wonderful things of great significance.

God is like that. Nobody is insignificant in His eyes.

David, who was just a boy, brought down Goliath.
Joseph, a shepherd, became a leader of Egypt.
Mary, who was just a teenager, became the mother of Jesus.
Fishermen, disciples of Jesus, became the first evangelists.

YOU are significant.

And God has a plan for you.

Believe that He can—and will—do great things through you.


We've Been Flocked!

Plastic Flamingos aren't usually welcome on my front lawn.

But, haven’t you heard? There’s an exception to every rule.

The high school youth in our church tried a new fund raiser to help acquire funds needed for their mission trip to Mexico this summer.

For a mere $20 donation, they covered the yard of your choice with plastic flamingos. Of course, they returned at a later time to collect the birds so they could be placed on another unsuspecting victim’s lawn.

A donation of $30 bought insurance from being flocked, but a bigger donation could cancel a victim’s flock protection.

During the four weeks of Flamingo landings, the congregation had great fun with flocking. If your youth group is looking for a fund raiser, you might want to try it.

And if YOUR yard is flocked, the pink birds just might bring with them an opportunity to talk about the fun church you attend with the neighbors who "just have to ask..."


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