We've Been Flocked!

Plastic Flamingos aren't usually welcome on my front lawn.

But, haven’t you heard? There’s an exception to every rule.

The high school youth in our church tried a new fund raiser to help acquire funds needed for their mission trip to Mexico this summer.

For a mere $20 donation, they covered the yard of your choice with plastic flamingos. Of course, they returned at a later time to collect the birds so they could be placed on another unsuspecting victim’s lawn.

A donation of $30 bought insurance from being flocked, but a bigger donation could cancel a victim’s flock protection.

During the four weeks of Flamingo landings, the congregation had great fun with flocking. If your youth group is looking for a fund raiser, you might want to try it.

And if YOUR yard is flocked, the pink birds just might bring with them an opportunity to talk about the fun church you attend with the neighbors who "just have to ask..."


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