Beauty from Ashes

Have you ever seen what happens after an area has been devastated by fire? A forest can be wiped out and give the appearance that all vegetation has been destroyed. Yet, with time, it will come back to life. Often looking more lush than before.

Mt St Helens erupted in 1980, changing more than 200 square miles of rich forest into a gray, lifeless landscape. But, the land is healing and there has been an amazing return of vegetation and wildlife.

As I drove to work this morning, I put a CD in the player that I hadn’t listened to for some time. The lyrics in a song touched my heart once again.

“I'll trade these ashes in for beauty… and wear forgiveness like a crown.”

Years ago, I sat in my pastor’s office, my life crumbling around me. I’ll never forget what he told me that day. He assured me that from ashes could come beauty. It wouldn’t happen overnight, nor would it come without work. But, it was possible...with forgiveness and the desire to move forward in my life.

He was right. And it did take time. But, I’ve experienced that reality many times since. Hard times, crisis, or devastation can come in many forms. Sometimes when you least expect it. But, if you hang in there… If you’re willing to persevere and grow…Good things – better things – can come from what feels like total devastation.

My life has never been happier or more full.

If you’re going through a rough time – don’t give up.
God is there, available and willing to help. Just ask.

Beauty can come from ashes.

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