I Can See Clearly Now

As I drove home after a long work day, the rain pelted the windshield of my car. With each swish of the windshield wiper, the drops of water resting on the glass were wiped away.

Without the help of those wipers, I would have been blind to the path the road was taking and could have easily missed a turn or moved into the part of the road I had no desire to be in.

A few drops of rain on the windshield didn’t hinder my ability to see where I was going. But if those drops were left and more allowed to accumulate, they would eventually contribute to the view of the road being distorted.

Isn’t that kind of how life is?

A few distractions may not cause us to stray from the path God has chosen for us. But, if we continue to allow more things to become between us and our relationship with Him, we can easily start to make poor choices. We may take a wrong turn because we’re no longer seeing clearly.

I needed to keep the view clear that evening in order to find my way home.

I need to do the same in my life if I want to follow the road God has set before me. After all… at the end of this “life journey”… I’m going home.

Striving to stay on the right path,

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