No Regrets - Part 1

Do you live with regret?

There are times when I struggle with it.

For instance…when I’m trying to lose weight, but am not happy with the results shown on the scale, I have regrets. I shouldn’t have… consumed a small bag of M&Ms on Monday, succumbed to part of a glazed donut at work on Tuesday, eaten pizza on Thursday, or had a second glass of wine at dinner on Saturday.

Of course there are more serious offenses. Why did I allow words to escape my mouth when they had the potential to hurt someone, or lead others to think negatively about a person? I wish I could take back what I said, but I can’t.

There have been situations in my life where I know my actions have hurt or disappointed people. I wish I could replay the event and have a “do-over.” Not to mention various scenarios where I felt that I left either an unfavorable or false impression of who I am.

Our lives can be full of regrets.
I should have…
I shouldn’t have…
Why did I?
Why didn’t I?
I wish I had…
I wish I hadn’t…

It’s good to acknowledge our mistakes and we need to learn from them.

But, we can’t allow ourselves to become burdened with regret over things we can’t change. Regret can steal the joy from our lives. Satan uses our past to his advantage. Once we no longer have the power to change a situation, Satan heaps guilt, regret, and condemnation on us.

But see…here’s the deal.

God will forgive us for “blowing it.” We only need to ask. And when God forgives, the slate is wiped clean. He doesn’t hold mistakes over our head.

If God can forgive us, we should too. We need to forgive ourselves for blunders, move on, and leave regrets behind.


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