Don't Let Fear Stop You

Has fear ever stopped you from doing something your heart desires?

I have.

Fear that people won’t understand.

Fear that others will question my ability, thereby adding to my own doubt.
Fear of looking foolish.
Fear of failure.

But…fear is not from God.
He’s told us that He will always be with us and to NOT be afraid.
Fear stops us from being all that we are meant to be... and from accomplishing all that we are meant to do.

We all become disappointed when plans fail, hopes don’t materialize, or goals are not reached. When we become discouraged it can become difficult to remain positive.

But, try a new approach – learn more – keep going despite your feelings. If you wait until you’re not afraid, you may never accomplish what you want to.

Three years ago I set out to prove to myself that I could write a full-length book. I dreamed of being published, but deep down believed it could only be a dream.

One thing led to another. I discovered ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and stepped into the world of writing and publishing. Through ACFW I continue to learn the craft of writing, as well as how the business works.

I attended my first national ACFW conference. Although feeling insecure in my ability, I made appointments ahead of time to meet with editors and agents there. I flew to the conference alone, only knowing my roommate through email exchange. I was nervous, but once there, had a great experience. I’ll be flying to Dallas this fall with several friends to attend my third conference.

Since joining ACFW, I’ve made many new friends, have become more comfortable networking with agents and editors, learned more than what I ever would have on my own, and have more ideas and writing projects on my plate than I can almost handle.

I still don’t have a publishing contract for any of my novels. But, now I believe that it’s actually possible to one day see that happen for me.

Don’t let fear stop you from realizing your dreams.



  1. This is such a great post, Dawn. That is so true--fear is the enemy of dreams. I'm thankful to be pursuing our writing dreams together, my friend.

    Cheering you on in your dreams,
    :) Annette

  2. Dawn
    Great stuff here! It's funny that it parallels my post today! I guess we were both thinking of Fear. One of my favorite topics: Fear-feel it and move through it anyway.

    Hey, I forgot to tell you...I read your article in "Backyard Friends" and really enjoyed it; it's well-written and the topic was handled so well. It's a hard fact of life that things don't always go well for Christians, but with God, things will turn out for the better in the end, and He will hold us up throughout! Good thoughts there.


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