Akiane Kramarik – Child Prodigy and Artist Blessed by God

Have you ever doubted the existence of God?

Have you ever tried to assure other people that He does?

Some people have a difficult time believing in what they can’t touch. They demand proof there is a God who loves us and wants to be a part of our lives.

I think Akiane Kramarik is such proof. I believe God has used this young woman to display His greatness and love in a tangible way.

Akiane is the real thing. Her parents, former atheists, never told her about God. But, at the age of four, Akiane started to receive visions and inspiration from Him. She started drawing at age six and by the time she turned eight, she was painting. She’s never received instruction. The painting of Christ was done while she was only nine years old. Now at the age of twelve, she continues to express her relationship with God through art. She gives all the credit for her talent to Him.

Akiane states on her website: “I have been blessed by God. And if I’m blessed, there is one reason, and one reason only, and that is to help others.”

Her life goal: “To share her love for God and people around the world.”

Akiane has appeared on many television shows, including: Oprah, Good Morning America,World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, and many others. Articles have been printed in numerous publications, including Time Magazine.

You can find out more about Akiane by checking out her website at http://www.artakiane.com/

Watch interviews with Akiane and see pieces of her art work by accessing the following videos on YouTube.

Spiritual Young Artist

An Interview with Akiane

I stand in awe at her gifts and I thank God for choosing to reveal a part of Himself through this humble girl.


  1. Thank you, Dawn, for sharing this. All I can say is "Wow!" God is definitely glorified in her life. How did you find out about her?

    :) Annette

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Hi Dawn,

    Please read the article linked below. It appears that Akiane may not be as authentic as she claims to be. Regarding Akiane, the question is not if the man upstairs, Lord, Jesus, Allah, Yaweh, or whatever you want to call him or her taught her to paint, but it's whether or not she is even the one doing any painting.

    Food for thought

  3. Anonymous9:37 PM


  4. Thanks for sharing the link, Anonymous. Very interesting.

    I sure hope it's not a scam, but I can understand why people would question what the family presents.

  5. Anonymous5:18 AM

    I was looking at her pictures and thought it would be great to have a print of Akiane's depiction of Jesus. But the prices are quite steep. If she wants to help others, then why are her pictures so expensive? This makes me question the authenticity of the whole situation. Is she helping others with all the proceeds? I am not judging, just questioning.


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