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Wondering if You Have a Purpose?

Most of us probably have days when we wonder if we’re making a difference and if we really have a purpose beyond the usual grind.

Without question, the answer is yes!

How can I be so sure?

I believe in the power of story. Of course, as a writer, I believe that the written word has the power to change lives. But when I leave my imaginary worlds, I’m also aware that my personal, real-life story is being written every day. So is yours! Those we come in contact with become a part of our stories, and we become a part of theirs.

So, whatever we say, and whatever we do, has the potential to have a lasting, and possibly eternal, impact on other individuals, regardless of how little contact we have with them.

Our actions become a part of our legacies—what we leave by behind that has an effect on others. Some people think of legacy as money or material items of worth, but it can also be a way of thinking or living.

I think of my legacy as a huge responsibility, and it gives me purpose every day. What can I say, write, or do that will make a difference in someone’s life?

God, our Father, and the Creator of all things has written our stories. Any writer will tell you that conflict is an important element in interesting stories. Without it, people quickly become bored, sometimes to the point of no longer engaging. So, we can’t expect our purpose here to be easy. But a good story also includes moments of victory over challenges, and through them, characters change and hopefully grow to become better people.

On those days when we struggle, will we trust that God knows our hearts, skills, and passions, and that he’ll provide opportunities in our lives that will fulfill certain desires in due time? Are we willing to look at what we can do on a daily basis that will give us a sense of purpose—even small things that aren’t always visible to the public or romantic, but will ultimately become part of our legacies?

If we believe what the Bible says, we can find encouragement in the following words:

The Lord will complete what his purpose is for me. (Psalm 138:8 ISV)
The Lord will work out his plans for my life. (Psalm 138:8 NLT)
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

Perhaps while waiting for our hearts’ desires to come to fruition, we can trust that the Lord has our backs. And in the meantime, maybe we can find purpose just by seeking it even in the smallest of things …

Where do you find purpose in your daily life?
What legacy are you hoping to leave?


Meme – Inspirational Quote on Not Limiting Your Dreams

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Have You Heard of The Empowerment Project?

Too often girls and young women are told they can’t, they shouldn’t, or it will be too difficult to pursue their dreams when what they really need to hear is go for it! You can do it!

Do you enjoy seeing women inspire and encourage others? If so, you may be interested in The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things. Don’t you just love that title and what it means?

The project started with five female filmmakers deciding to drive across the United States to encourage, empower, and inspire the next generation of strong women to go after their career ambitions. They ask: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Great question! We should all ask ourselves the same thing.

To make their feature-length documentary, the team traveled from Los Angeles to New York in 34 days, and they interviewed 17 women in various careers. They flew with a female pilot in San Francisco, sat down with the creator of The Oprah Show, spent time in a lab with a cancer biologist, and danced with professional ballerina.

Here’s a sample:

Currently, The Empowerment Project is only available by booking screenings in schools (elementary, middle, high school, college), churches, organizations, corporations, and community centers. You can’t find it on Netflix or Amazon and show it in your home.

If you visit, you can find a screening of the documentary or schedule one to be shown for your group. The content is suitable for ages nine and up.

If you book a showing, a DVD will be sent to you three to four days before your event. The DVD needs to be returned within 48 hours after the showing.

Unfortunately, the fees for using the film aren’t cheap, but your school or organization may have funds budgeted for this type of thing. There’s a $650 screening fee for the full length version (99 minutes) and $500 for the shorter version (54 minutes). The screening fee allows for two showings at the same location within a 24-hour period. You’re also able to book several filmmakers to come and lead a 45-minute discussion after the film for an additional $2,000 personal appearance fee (plus travel). Also included with the screening fee is a screening packet, which includes discussion questions, screening checklists, and fundraising ideas.

I’ve never had the opportunity to see the documentary, so I can’t speak firsthand about its impact. But I applaud these five women and what they’re trying to accomplish. In my opinion, we can all use encouragement now and then, so bring it on!

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

If you’ve seen the documentary, please share your experience and opinions about the film.

If you haven’t seen it, does it sound like it would be beneficial in your local schools? Why or why not?


Meme – Inspirational Quote on Becoming You

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When You Can’t Stop Asking “Why?” by Julie Whitney

Dear readers, this week I’m introducing you to my long-time friend, Julie Whitney. I admire and respect Julie for being a woman of God who not only loves her family and friends, but who’s also devoted to teaching those with special needs. Julie, her husband (Jeffrey), and their sons (Keegan, Noah, and Braden) have traveled around the country, serving God in various capacities. Like most people, they’ve experienced both blessings and hurtful situations. That comes with living a life of purpose. Not everything is easy.

In pursuing your calling, you may be thinking that what God asks of you is too difficult. Or that he’s making you wait too long for your dreams to come true—the very dreams he placed in your heart. If so, please take encouragement from my friend’s heartfelt words. Thanks, Julie!

When You Can’t Stop Asking “Why?”

Have you ever wondered why?

Why did this happen? Why did so and so say that? Why did that person get sick? Why did my loved one die? Why so young?

I often wonder why. Many times it’s why did that tragedy happen? Tragedies often lead to unpleasant outcomes. Days of wondering why are filled with sorrow. 

I trust that God has a plan for something good to come out of hurtful, challenging, or difficult experiences, and during times of waiting, I look to Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (NIV).

Still…even though I believe and cling to those words, when God’s plan has taken me on a new journey, I’ve sometime thought wow, this road is long and difficult.

I’ve prayed for answers. Lord, I know you have a door ahead for me. But, how long will it take for it to open?

I’ve struggled with accepting God’s timing. “Hello! This hall is way too long! Where is the exit?”

Then, the door opens. Finally! But, I’m not always satisfied…and sometimes I’m still confused. Lord, why? Why did I have to wait so long, go through so much? I feel like a small child whining because I had to suffer through eating my peas before I could have dessert—even though a large bowl of ice cream is sitting right there in front of me. But why, Dada, why?

I’m really asking, “Yahweh, why?” When our kids repeatedly ask why, what is our usual response? Too often we say, “because I said so,” or simply “because.”  We ask our kids to trust us because we know it will be ok. Because we said so. Our God wants us to trust him the same way.

God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’ ” (Genesis 3:14 NIV) 

It’s the answer. It’s our answer! Because I am the great I am. We doubt, and we forget that God has our backs and our lives. God tells us, “I got this girl. I am the great I am.”

This past year and a half, I’ve faced many trials due to others’ actions and my own, leaving me to ask why? Why? Why? I would stop, look around, and listen. When I listened, really listened, the plans the Lord had for me fell into my lap. New jobs, new people, and thankfully staying right where I wanted to be.

So, if God’s telling you... “I am the great I am!” LISTEN! Listen very carefully; your answer will be coming soon enough. Not your soon enough; His soon enough.

Are you in a season of asking why?

Have there been times in your life when you’ve been able to look back, see, and understand some of the whys?

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