Bored? Really?

My husband and I traveled to Wisconsin so we could be present for my niece’s High School graduation and the celebration that followed.

The youngest of my brother’s children, she’s also my Goddaughter. The two of us bonded soon after her birth. Vanessa and I not only share blood ties, we share common interests, ways of thinking, and our faith.

Before, during, and after the festivities, I stood back and observed how much my niece has grown and matured. She’s become a young woman ready to begin a journey with unknowns - so ready to move beyond the known. So ready to explore the world. I’m excited for her and the adventure that lies ahead.

Starting down new paths keeps life full, challenging, and interesting.

I’ve never understood people who complain about boredom. God has provided us with a never-ending banquet of things to see, experience, and learn. There will never be enough time to taste it all.

Don’t sit back and complain about life being bland.
Get up, look around you…and enjoy the feast!


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