The Truth Is...

Do you ever start your sentences with the following?

“The truth is…”

“In all honesty…”

“To tell you the truth…”

"If I’m going to be honest…”

Why do we do that?

Why do we need to qualify what we say as the truth? Are we not truthful in other areas of conversation?

I’ve been guilty of saying those very words. But, I’ve begun to stop myself when those words threaten to pass through my lips. I don’t want to convey that what I now say is the truth. I want people to always trust what comes out of my mouth.

It’s never right to purposefully hurt someone, but I think if done with kindness, truth wins over being dishonest.

I belong to a critique group. The four of us meet on a regular basis to discuss each other’s work. We’re honest with each other and sometimes it’s difficult to hear that a scene labored over doesn’t work. But, it’s so much better hearing it from three people who care about you and the work than to submit it to an editor who may toss it in the garbage without giving you a chance to fix it.

How often does a woman ask if her…ummmm…her butt looks big in a certain outfit? Her husband may think he’s being kind by telling her she looks great. (He may also think he’s keeping himself out of hot water.) That’s why women should never ask such questions of their husbands. Girlfriends on the other hand will tell you, “Honey, that ain’t workin for ya. But, the blue one…that looks great.”

The truth can be difficult to hear. But, if given out of love - if given with a gentle spirit - it can be a blessing.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

That verse from the Bible can refer to Christ, but it also means truth in general.

Be honest. Be truthful.
For yourself and the people around you.


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