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There’s a world of fun and interesting Christian novels to entertain and inspire you. Stories that include comedy, romance, mystery, suspense, history, chick-lit, science fiction, fantasy, and the supernatural.

Some of them can be found in "Barnes & Noble," "Borders Books," and your local Christian bookstores. But, due to limited shelf space, there isn’t room for the majority of good books available. Because of that, Amazon.com has become my friend.

My affiliation with American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) puts me in the loop as to what is new and hot in the market.

But, how do you find out these books exist if you don’t have that kind of connection? Or decide if a particular book might even be suited for you?


Let me introduce you to a friend of mine.

Michelle Sutton is a dedicated social worker who lives in Arizona with her husband and two teenage sons. She’s a voracious reader and a prolific writer.

I met Michelle through ACFW and we immediately became friends. Over the last three years we’ve critiqued each other’s work and have supported each other through the ups and downs of writing and daily life. Michelle has been instrumental in my growth as a writer. While writing my novel, “With a Trusting Heart,” I was able to use her first hand experience as a social worker.

Michelle has developed a great reputation for reviewing books, not only by authors and their readers, but by publishing companies, as well.

Michelle has become so popular as a book reviewer in the Christian market, authors are sending her more books than what she can keep up with. Sensitive to writers, she won’t post a review of any book she can’t honestly endorse. Michelle will tell you that she "prefers books that are cutting edge and push the enevelop a wee bit" in the Christian market.

I encourage you to check out her book review site by clicking on Michelle’s Book Reviews on the side bar of this blog, or by going to www.edgyinspirationalauthor.blogspot.com

Let Michelle introduce you to something new.
She won't steer you wrong.

Here’s to finding great books!

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  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I finally took the time to check out your new blog - WOW. Great insight - I am inspired and look forward to seeing your words of wisdom in the future! :)

    Love ya!


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