A Control Freak Deals with Thanksgiving

I’m kind of a control freak.

My family would say that statement is not quite acurate. They'd tell you that I am a control freak. I never try to control people. But, when it comes to various situations and how they play out? Well...that's a different scenerio.

Take Thanksgiving, for example. I normally spend several weeks preparing for this holiday. The house needs to be pristine, the table set with holiday décor, and the food available in abundance. All has to be accomplished by my own two hands. Except when I let my husband set a foot into the kitchen. I want everything to be perfect.

We'd hoped our remodel / addition would be completed prior to Thanksgiving and we’d be able to celebrate in our beautiful new space. But, due to a variety of things out of my control, it won't be ready to inhabit until the week following Thanksgiving. That means no kitchen and no holiday dinner cooked at our house.

We dealt with our disappointment and informed our children, only to find out that other relatives they'd usually spend part of the day with had all decided to go out of town for the holiday.

The kids rallied. My twenty-two year old daughter, with some excitement, offered to host the dinner at her home if we'd bring and help with the turkey. My other daughter and her husband expressed a desire to bake pies. My stepdaughter and her fiancé offered to provide anything else needed.

Before I knew it, the family had decided to cook together. They became enthused about the prospect of everyone being responsible for contributing to the day's feast and being able to just spend a liesurely day with each other.

It's been a good reminder of what Thanksgiving should be. Everyone sharing a meal with the purpose of celebrating and giving thanks for all we've been given. Family members coming together because they enjoy each other, not out of obligation or someone else's expectation.

Maybe every once in a while, it’s not such a bad thing to be out of control.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Turkey Wave

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