Christians Are Human, Too!

It’s confusing…and frustrating…as to how Christians are sometimes viewed.

We can be put down because we’re thought to be too conservative, too closed minded, or too naïve. But, the minute a Christian shows his/her human side and does something that is considered “unchristian,” that person can be verbally or emotionally crucified by society.

I discovered early in life that as a Christian, I’m held to a standard by the people around me.

It was fall, during my senior year of high school. I was a cheerleader, top student in my class, newspaper editor, etc. I grew up in a small Midwestern town where I’d known most of my classmates since kindergarten. Did I say small? Let’s change that to “very small" town.

We'd just finished decorating the gym for the Homecoming dance and a large group of my peers decided to drive out into the country to “coon” apples and pumpkins. Although relatively harmless - cooning was stealing. Which meant it was wrong.

But, several friends and I decided to join the rest and we hopped into the back of a truck. After snatching a few pumpkins, the caravan of cars and trucks ended up in a country field where bonfires were lit and kegs of beer were tapped.

I’d never had a drink and didn’t consume any alcohol that night. I laughed and joked around with my classmates. It felt good to be "one of the gang" and I thought I was proof that you could still be a Christian and have fun. I'd found a way to shrug off the label of being a "goodie-goodie."

However, the next day I was blown away. It was then that I experienced the fallout of what I’d done the night before. I had to deal with negative comments associated with what Christians should and shouldn’t do. The comments didn’t come from other Christians. They came from non-Christians who'd been watching how I lived my life. I was shocked to learn that I was being held accountable by those who didn’t want anything to do with God.

In my daily communication with other writers, I’ve found that many struggle with writing “real” stories that won't offend people or look like they're compromising their beliefs.

Christians struggle with lust, with saying things that are hurtful, with alcoholism, with drug additions, with losing loved ones, etc. etc. We must deal with every temptation that everyone else in the world deals with.

Christians are human, too!

Sometimes we win over temptation. Sometimes we lose.

But, we have a God who understands and will not condemn us. He won't point the finger and tell us we were bad.

He’ll only forgive us. We only need to ask.

Thank God!


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