Craving Something?

Definition of a craving: an intense desire for some particular thing.

The other night I craved meat. I know. Sounds cavewoman-like, if there is such a term.

My husband and I hit a restaurant for dinner. I rarely indulge in “meat," but at that moment neither chicken nor fish were going to satisfy me. I ordered a hamburger and left with my craving fulfilled.

There are times when I need chocolate. The darker, the better. But, give me Ben & Jerry’s Heath Bar Ice Cream, a hot fudge sundae, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered peanuts, a chocolate shake…they’ll all do the trick.

Other times, my body craves anything salty. Potato chips, popcorn, French fries… I LOVE French fries. Could eat them every day. But, I don’t.

The foods I crave are not "healthy choices"…and because of that, I can’t allow myself to partake of them very often.

Why is it that we crave so many things that when all is said and done, aren’t good for us – or important?

I’m not talking about just food.

What about…
Material things?

But, there is a craving that exists in our inner core, whether we acknowledge it or not, that is given to us for our well being.

Our spirit craves to know God.

God desires us to want more of Him.
More time with Him.
More knowledge of Him.

Are you listening to that craving?


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  1. Great post, Dawn. Love the pictures you use over here.


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