Heavenly Scent

Aren’t the five senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell FABULOUS?

Too often we take them for granted.

Recently my husband and I spent an entire day moving a truckload of fresh beauty bark from our driveway. He dispersed wheelbarrows full of the medium ground wood to various areas in the front and backyard. As I kneeled in the warm, soft bark, I breathed in the pleasant earthy scent.

In another part of the yard, I inhaled the fresh, but slightly sweet, fragrance of the flowers I’d planted earlier.

Later in the day, the tempting aroma of meat being cooked on a barbeque drifted through the neighborhood.

In writing, it’s important to include the sense of smell. It helps to put the reader into the scene. Scents have the ability to evoke memories and various feelings.

For example, what do these smells do for you?

Cinnamon rolls baking
Turkey roasting in the oven
Chocolate chip cookies cooling on the baking pan
A thunderstorm brewing in the air
Fresh pine boughs brought into the home

Or how about these?

Sour milk
Rotten eggs

See what I mean?

People have their own ideas of how heaven will look.
But, have you ever wondered about the scents you’ll experience?

I can only imagine that they’ll be indescribable…awesome…and heavenly.


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