The Plank in My Eye

One of the very few drawbacks to living in the Seattle area is the traffic.

Many drivers become crazy fiends once they get behind the wheel. There are days when I feel that I’m literally taking my life in my hands. I could describe a variety of scenarios that would give you chills.

A client once told me that she’d lived in both California and New York, but Seattle was worse by far when it came to scary drivers.

This morning, at the last minute, a driver slipped into a small space between two other cars in order to get into a turning lane. I shook my head in frustration at how someone could be so rude. I admired the driver of the vehicle who’d been abruptly cut off. It was a near hit, but she didn’t even honk at the person who had jumped into the lane ahead of her.

After making a turn further down the road I glanced in my rear view mirror and seeing that cars in several lanes were still quite a distance behind me, proceeded to cross over two lanes.

I looked in my mirror again and realized I’d just cut off a driver who must have been in my left blind spot. She backed off and kept some distance between us. I felt terrible and wished there had been a way to apologize. I wanted to thank her for being so gracious.

God nudged my heart. I’d just done the very thing that only a few minutes before had caused me to judge another person.

“Okay, Lord. I get it. I need to be concerned about taking the plank out of my own eye, not the splinter in someone else’s.”

Not in just driving situations, but in every aspect of my life.


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