The Little Poinsettia that Could

I purchase three very small Poinsettias every December and place them on my desk at work. They help to add a feeling of celebration during the Christmas season.

But, after so many weeks, the leaves fall off and the plants start to look spindly and ugly. It doesn’t matter how much TLC I give them, it isn’t long before they cease to survive. I expect it and I’m not surprised when the time comes to toss them away.

But this year, one Poinsettia continued to hang in there, and after a few more months, it not only continued to survive – it began to thrive.

Now it’s June, and instead of a vase full of summer flowers, I still have the Poinsettia proudly displayed. The plant is growing thick with new leaves, rich in color. I haven’t done anything but give it light and water. My goal is to help the Poinsettia make it until next Christmas and beyond.

It may seem strange to some people that I have an out-of-season plant on my desk, but it’s kind of nice to have a little Christmas all year round.

It’s also a constant reminder that with perseverance, my goals are reachable. Despite any odds, I can also thrive.

I still need a little help. Just like the plant needs water and a little light – I need to be refreshed by time spent with God, my family, and friends. They give me the sustenance and encouragement I need to keep pursuing my dreams.


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