Do You Struggle With Self-Doubt?

Are there days when you struggle with self-doubt?

Do you wonder if you’re missing the mark when it comes to your relationships or your career?

And your dreams…Will you ever attain them?

I’ve been struggling with my own doubts these past few days. But, doubt doesn’t come from God. Instead, I need His help in getting past these feelings. I can’t do it alone.

Sometimes He works in mysterious ways…

Last night I happened to come across the Miss Universe Pageant while flipping through channels on the TV. I haven’t seen a beauty pageant in years, but all I needed was something mindless to watch that would help me wind down after a long day. So I lingered for a moment.

The five finalists strolled one last time across the stage in their gowns prior to the final interview in the competition. I later viewed a clip of what could have been devastating experience for anyone. During the initial evening gown parade, Miss USA, Rachel Smith, slipped on the runway and landed on her bottom! She fell while an estimated 600 million people watched. But, with grace, she stood and continued to smile as she posed.

Despite her fall – or maybe because of how she handled it – Rachel was still in the top five for the final round. Her challenges didn’t end with the fall. People in the audience booed while she responded to a question. Apparently the jeers came from Mexicans because of what has been seen as US unfriendliness towards illegal immigrants. They didn’t stop until she spoke in Spanish, saying “Buenas noches Mexico. Muchas gracias!”

I know nothing about Rachel Smith, but I have to admit that what I saw last night impressed me. Her ability to go on while facing humiliation and opposition was inspiring. Instead of crumbling, giving up, or succumbing to tears, she continued as though it didn’t matter what millions of people thought. She carried herself with dignity.

It’s easy to get caught up in doubt and fear of failing. For some, it can be paralyzing. But, it’s so much better if we can shrug off those doubts, pull ourselves up, and press on.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that I can do all things through Christ, who is more than willing to give me the strength if I just ask for it.


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