What do Hanging Baskets Have to do with Relationships?

Several days a week I go from my job as an Administrative Assistant to various music rehearsals at my church. On those days, there isn’t time for me to drive the long commute home, which means I don’t return there until much later in the evening.

The other night after such a rehearsal, I drove into my driveway after 9:00 pm and noticed that the flowers hanging in baskets from the house and garage were wilting. I'd watered them only two days before, but even in the dark I could tell the plants weren’t doing well.

I was tired from the long day and all I wanted to do was put on my bathrobe and watch CSI. But, I changed from my work attire into jeans and a T-shirt and tackled the garden hose. With very little light to illuminate my way, I watered all five baskets, the flowers in the long window box, and those planted around the front yard.

During the summer months, I must water the flowers almost every evening, or risk losing the plants. It would be dreadful to just give up after all the expense and time put into them. To see something so beautiful wither away and die, can be heartbreaking.

I love having my yard full of colorful flowers. It does something for my soul. I also enjoy sharing the beauty with neighbors and people who pass by while walking through the neighborhood.

The flowers add so much to my life, but having them doesn’t come without a cost. Keeping them happy and healthy takes a lot of work.

It’s similar with relationships.

It doesn’t matter how wonderful and alive our relationship is with God, our spouse, our kids, or our friends, it can still whither and die if not tended to.

Wanting to keep my relationships full of life,


  1. Fun pic! Now I wanna see the window box up and full. :)


  2. I like the analogy, Dawn.

    Are those the flowers at your house? They're so pretty.

  3. Hi, Sally!

    Yes, the photo is a shot of one of my own hanging baskets. Glad you like them! I do, too! :)



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