Those Crazy Christians

Some of the closest friends I have live in other parts of the world, while others live nearby and are a part of my daily life.

Some friends who have become important to me are those who share my passion for writing, and particularily, Christian fiction.

The two women who stand with me in the photo are such people; Gail Sattler to my right and Annette M Irby to my left.

This past weekend we attended the Christian Writer’s Renewal Conference in Seattle and in September we’ll be hanging out together at the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference (ACFW) in Dallas, Texas.

Although Gail lives quite a distance from Annette and me, that hasn’t hindered the relationship we’ve built. The beauty of email is that while all three of us can be working on individual projects, we can still have a conversation about what is working or not working in our stories.

Our friendship isn’t solely based on writing. Our Christian faith is common ground. We share our writing struggles and joys, but we also care about what is happening and affecting other areas in our lives.

Vast numbers of the world’s population may believe Christians to be crazy. Maybe we are. In any competitive market what other group goes out of its way to help it’s competition?

Within the world of Christian publishing, you’ll find established authors mentoring those trying to break in. They cheer and celebrate when their competition signs a contract or writes a book that becomes a best seller.

My friends and I pray for each other’s submissions, meetings with editors, and the ability to break through writer’s block. We brainstorm ideas, critique each other’s work in order to give helpful feedback, and share business information.

Gail, a multi-published author, has been a mentor in my writing and networking. Annette has been an inspiring role model of what it means to have a heart for God and a desire to put Him first in a writing career. I've become a much better writer because of these two women.

When I can be so blessed with friendships like these, you can call me a “Crazy Christian” any day.



  1. Hey Dawn, thanks for this beautiful piece. :) I loved SPU and look forward like crazy to ACFW.


  2. you've been tagged now it's your turn to forget...:-0


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