His Jewel

I enjoy reading license plate frames. They can tell so much about a person. Sometimes I find myself trying to piece something together about the owner of the vehicle. My imagination goes in all directions.

For instance, a few days ago I pulled up at a stoplight behind a woman driving a car with a plate that said

Love is being his “JEWEL”

I wondered . . .

Was Jewel a nickname for Julie?

Had she bought the license plate herself?

Or had her husband purchased it as a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift?

Jewels are thought to be precious.

Did he call her “his jewel” as way to honor and cherish his wife?

And if love is being “his jewel," did the couple have a caring and passionate relationship?

I don’t know.

But I do know that everyone desires to be loved and cherished at some point in their lives.

God loves us.
He cherishes us.
We’re special and important enough that He gave us the gift of eternal life with Him.

You are precious – and you’re loved by the One who not only loves, but is love.

You are “His Jewel.”

Embrace that truth and hold it in your heart.



  1. Hi, Dawn--have enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your posts. I think I may have found a new author, as well--thanks for the recommendation in Julie Lessman. Her Daughters of Boston series looks wonderful. I'd love for you to visit my own (new) blog whenever you have the chance and lend me your ear and wisdom of experience.

    :) www.bymoonlightdiaryofawife.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks, Elle!

    I'm so glad you've enjoyed the blog. :D

    And if you like to read Christian romance - Julie is one of the best. She also has such a heart for her readers.

    I'll be sure and check out your blog. Thanks for the invite!

  3. Hey Elle,

    I checked out your blog and would very much like to comment - but I was unable to. I clicked on "post a comment" but the posting box isn't coming up. I'll check back and try at another time.


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