Finger Painting or a Masterpiece

There are days when it’s easy to question if God really has a hand in what’s happening—or not happening in our lives.

Why must we work so hard to make ends meet, only to see bills piling up? We tithe. Doesn’t God care that we continue to give, even though we fall farther and farther behind in debt? Where is He in all of this?

We dream of successful careers, but our labor seems in vain as one door after the other slams in our face.

A child is finally placed in a mother’s arms—a gift from heaven—only to be snatched away, too soon.

We pray unceasingly for a soul mate. Someone to love. Someone to share our lives with. While everyone around us seems to have “someone,” we remain alone.

It’s difficult to wait.

But God sees the big picture, while in reality, we can’t even see 10 seconds into the future. Even though it may drive us crazy to wait, His timing is perfect.
He’s always moving in our lives and on our behalf.

Sometimes we’re not ready for what He has planned for us.
Sometimes what lies ahead is not ready for us.

We may need to learn—grow—or even change our course several times before we discover answers. Most likely, whatever it is, will be better than what we could have come up with ourselves.

Humans are impatient creatures. Left on our own, we’d create a life for ourselves that would resemble a child’s finger painting. Cute. Simple. Messy.

But if we allow God to paint the canvas of our lives, the creation can become a masterpiece. Vibrant. Defined. Full of purpose. Detailed. Constructively complex. Beautiful.

It’s not easy waiting.

But I’d rather lead a life created from the Master, than my own, fumbling hands.

How about you?


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