Do you ever experience cravings?

My twenty-five year old daughter craves exercise. It relieves stress, contributes to her self-confidence, and keeps her in great shape. That’s not a bad craving to have.

I, unfortunately, crave things that aren’t so good for me. My latest is potato chips. For years I had no problem staying away from them. But lately—it’s just like the commercial boasts. I can’t eat just one!

My husband and I strive to eat healthy. But, on the occasion chips are brought into the house – like when friends are coming over for a barbeque – I can’t seem to stay away from the crunchy, salty, temptations. I tell myself that I’m just going to have a few. But before I know it, I’m back at the bag, practically shoveling them into my mouth.

Normally I crave sugar—especially dark chocolate. But lately, salt has managed to get a grip on me. I want to devour anything salty. Not only chips, but pizza and French fries. AND . . . I can consume a HUGE bowl of my husband’s homemade popcorn.

Most cravings aren’t good for us.

Addicts battle destructive habits every day. They crave food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, porn, sex, and gambling. Some people may even crave dangerous thrills.

But there is one craving—whether you claim to be a Christian or not—that I believe is innate and good. And that’s a craving to know God. To know that there is something or someone greater than us.

God desires for us to crave Him. Relationship with Him. Time with Him.

Because He craves relationship with us.

Just like not being able to stop at eating one potato chip, God desires for us to feel like we never can get enough of Him.

The God of the universe—and beyond—craves relationship with us!

He loves us that much!

Pretty humbling, isn’t it?

Think about it . . . and then maybe . . . just maybe . . . you’ll take the time to feed that craving.

Blessings for a great week!


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