Paragliding, A Leap of Faith

Despite what some people believe, we do experience sunshine in Seattle. On such days, I’m blessed with an awesome display while driving through the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

As I follow the road, I watch the paragliders from the Seattle Paragliding organization sail in the sky above me. They take off from an area called Tiger Mountain, where the location is high enough to catch warm air currents. When they’re ready to land, they maneuver their way down to a small field below.

Their colorful and graceful aerial dance is a spectacular sight.

I’ve been to the top of Tiger Mountain where the paragliders
lift off. It’s a long ways up . . . and just as far coming down. Every flight is a leap of faith. They must first trust the wind to lift them high enough into the air. And then they must trust their equipment to function properly, enabling them to float safely to the ground, instead of plummeting into the thick evergreens below.

But, once they’re up . . . they’re given a spectacular view and a terrific sense of freedom.

It isn’t much different than situations we experience in our relationship with God.

Don’t we also sometimes need to take that scary step off safe ground and trust that He’ll not fail us?

If we leap with faith—just like a paraglider—we too may find ourselves soaring with freedom and joy.



  1. Great photos. I enjoyed your writing. Is it Ok if I link to you from my tandem paragliding blog ? I am updating website's blog but main website is and tandem apragliding blog is at if you ever want to try a tandem flight call me at 206 853 3203 . I worked as volunteer for a great local org called Warrior Spirit and workshop is called The Leap of Faith.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    I checked out your sites. Very cool! Yes - please feel free to link up. :)

    I drove by Tiger Mountain on my way home from work again today and the sky was full of paragliders. What an awesome sight.

  3. Hey, Dawn, my parents and I sat down by Lake Sammamish the other Sunday afternoon while a trainer helped those who are learning to paraglide with their equipment. There was a great wind off the lake and some of the students even lifted off the ground for a brief moment in their training. Amazing display up close. I loved your timely post.



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