Willing to Sell Your Name?

Names are important.

Surnames identify people who are related. They tell a lot about the family’s heritage. For instance, someone with the last name of Johnson has Scandinavian ancestors, while someone with the name of Martinez is probably Mexican. A surname is usually inherited and, while it may be changed, some form of it is usually retained.

Given names are chosen by the parents the majority of the time. A name is usually not given lightly. It represents thoughts and feelings that may be significant to the parents.

A name may be associated with an identifiable person or couple. If someone mentions Brad and Angelina, everyone knows who’s being referred to. If you disliked someone in fifth grade because he was mean, it’s not likely you’ll name your son after him.

Parents spend hours discussing names when expecting the arrival of a child. I can’t imagine my daughters using any other names than what they were given at birth.

A person’s name is attached to them. If someone in the entertainment business uses a different name, it doesn’t necessarily change things for people who have known them. If my friend Tina changed her name to Mary, she’d still always be Tina to me.

The other day I listened to a discussion on the radio. It pertained to a survey in which people were asked what it would take for them to relinquish and be willing to sell their name.

One of the announcers said she would have to be paid 10 million dollars. Survey results showed that most would sell their name for $100,000.

What would it take for you to sell your name and use another?


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