The Light

The clocks have been turned back.

We’ve said goodbye to daylight savings time until spring returns.

I dread the duration of daylight growing shorter.

I’m NOT a morning person. Just ask my husband. He’s Mr. Happy at four-thirty am. That’s why he’s at work by five-thirty. I’m NOT a morning person. You’ll NEVER find me at work at that time.

If the sun’s rays are filling the bedroom, I’m more apt to rise and shine. But, if the room is dark and feels like two in the morning, forget it. When the alarm goes off, I’d rather crawl deeper under the covers than put my feet on the floor with a single bound.

It’s also difficult to leave my job at the end of the day, knowing the city has already been shrouded in darkness for at least an hour. It feels like time has sped ahead of reality.

Energy levels and moods pick up when our world if full of light. For many people, energy wanes when evening arrives. Some experience different levels of depression if they don’t receive enough sunshine.

Hmmm…there seems to be a correlation here.

Light = people experiencing greater energy and positive attitudes.
Darkness = people experiencing a decrease in energy and a greater chance of having a negative outlook.

Kind of similar to our relationship with God.

If we run from Him, our lives may feel like we’re covered by darkness. Bogged down, heavy, and without purpose.

But, when we run to Him, His light shines on and through us. We not only experience heightened energy—we experience peace, hope, and joy.

Striving to share His light,

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