Romance, Men, and Music

Romance - Part 4

God gave us an incredible gift to help us declare our love, build intimacy, and enhance the romance in our lives.

He gave us the gift of music.

In a prior post on romance, I wrote that I believe both men and women need and desire romance in their lives. I’m convinced of that even more than I was several days ago.

This past Sunday evening, during the prestigious Grammy Awards, every area in the music industry was honored for their contribution to the world of music over the past year.

A majority of musicians are male. I would guess the majority of songs written are composed by males. I would also tend to bet – if I was a betting person – that the majority of those songs are about love. Love shared, love hoped for, love lost, love for a life time, etc., whether the song be a ballad, a rock tune, hip hop, rap, Latino, pop, or country.

Songs are woven into our lives. They help us grieve during a break-up, celebrate hope for our future, and rekindle romance during an evening alone with our spouse or significant other.

I believe God intended this gift to touch us deep in our core – into an area where sometimes nothing else can reach or penetrate. Music not only touches our soul…it is an expression of our soul. It reveals what our hearts are made of, whether we have a soft and loving heart, or whether our heart is black with hatred and anger.

So, my theory is this…for men to create – or even enjoy - beautiful melodies and words that speak of love and romance, they must first feel it in their soul. Macho or not…

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Be Mine

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