Your Ability Reveals Your Destiny

Have you ever wondered about your purpose on earth?

This morning I read a something that addressed the issue of finding your place. The following is an excerpt.

“Da Vinci only painted one Mona Lisa. Beethoven only composed one Fifth Symphony. And God only made one version of you. He custom-designed you for a one-of-a-kind assignment. When God gives you an assignment, He also gives you the skill-set. To discover your assignment – study your skill-set!”

“What have you consistently done well? What have you loved to do? Stand at the intersection of your desires and your successes, and you’ll find your uniqueness.”

The Word for You Today

I struggled for years, going down one path after the other, trying to figure out my “calling.” My “place.” I knew that in order to be truly happy, deep down in my soul, I needed to find purpose and a way to make a difference.

My role as a mother has always been important to me. It’s been a privilege and a blessing to have two incredible daughters. But, although I’ll always be a mom, I couldn’t live my life through my children and their accomplishments. I needed to find my own way.

I worked as a support counselor for women and teens who’d experienced sexual abuse. I have the ability to listen and help people work through pain. Although the job was very rewarding, after four years I experienced burnout. It wasn’t to be my long term “place.”

Because of my ability to multi-task, organize, and pay attention to details, I’ve been employed in an office environment for the past eleven years. It’s feels good when I’m able to bring order to chaos and help my co-workers perform more efficiently. But, I don’t love it. The work doesn’t satisfy the soul.

I have a college degree in the sciences, but never found the right place to use it. I enjoy painting, music, and drama, but don’t have the talent required to excel in any of those areas. I’ve had fun working with teens, but don’t possess the extroverted personality needed to be a strong leader with that age group.

There have been times when I felt my wheels were spinning while I was getting nowhere.

“God? What is it I’m supposed to do? There’s got to be more…”

Finally, the answer came.

I’ve always experienced success in writing classes, and enjoyed the process, but never took it seriously. That is - until small doors of opportunity opened for me to further explore my ability.

I stepped through those doors, and subsequently, more opened. I followed as God led me down a path into the world of writing.

Why did it take so long to get here? Was I not listening to God or my inner voice? Did I waste years? Or did I need more life experience to draw upon in order to write what was needed?

I may never win any prestigious awards or be on the New York best-seller list. I may never have any of my novels even published. But, I’ve found fulfillment. I’ve found something I love to do. There will always be room for growth and I will never become bored.

I’ve found my “place.”

You will, too.


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