Gail Sattler - Author and Friend

I met Gail several years ago when another writer introduced us via email, knowing we were both looking for a roommate for the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference in Nashville.

We exchanged a flurry of emails and found that we had much in common. For instance, we both volunteer with our church worship teams. Gail plays a mean bass!

When I arrived in Nashville for the conference, I checked into the hotel, wondering when I would meet Gail in person. As I walked across the lobby to the elevator, I heard an infectious laugh. The source? A woman with curly pink hair! Although this was a different look than the photo on her website, (the extra color added just for the conference) I knew it had to be Gail. Since then we’ve become good friends.

Her author bio reads:

“Gail Sattler lives in Vancouver, British Columbia (where you don’t have to shovel rain), with her husband of twenty-six years, three sons, two dogs, five lizards, one toad and a degue named Bess. Gail loves to read stories with a happy ending, which is why she writes them.”

A prolific writer of romantic comedy, thirty some books she’s written have been published with Barbour and Harlequin publishing companies in their inspirational lines. A few of her books have been on the CBA Bestseller (Christian Book Sellers Association) list over the years, and she was voted by the Heartsong Presents readership as Favorite Heartsong Author three years in a row.

Her most recent sale is a short non-fiction piece in Cup Of Comfort For Dogs, to be released in mid-2007.

Gail weaves messages of faith into her stories. Her characters are believable…likeable…and just as in real life, are not perfect.

To find out more, check out her website at or click on the link, “Gail Sattler, Romantic Comedy” on the side bar of this site.

Have fun reading!

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