Cynthia Ruchti - Writer, Speaker, and Friend

Let me introduce you to another friend in my writing world.

I met Cynthia Ruchti through the American Christian Fiction Writer’s organization. Cynthia lives in Wisconsin, my home state. Although most of our interaction has been via email, we’ve been able to spend time together at several ACFW national conferences.

How can I describe her? Cynthia is like Starbucks coffee to a caffeine addict – like chocolate to a woman with PMS – like a day of sunshine after a week of rain.

To know her is to love her. A person feels good…and cared for…just being in her presence.

Cynthia is pursuing publication in Christian fiction. Her short pieces are known for containing a message wrapped in humor. She can make readers smile while encouraging them to look at life’s daily lessons.

Cynthia is also a co-writer / producer for the radio program, The Heartbeat of the Home. This radio ministry, heard on 26 stations across the United States, presents a spiritual lesson through gripping, poignant, and sometime humorous stories acted out. Each presentation concludes with a short, non-preachy teaching segment. I’ve been privileged to have scripts that I’ve written be accepted and broadcast through this ministry. Click on the link to learn more.

You can also enjoy Cynthia’s wit by visiting her blog at, or by clicking on the link for Cynthia’s Humorous Insights on the side bar of this site.

Check it out!

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