Big Things Come in Small Packages

Do you ever struggle with desiring something bigger, thinking it must be better?

I do...and then a lesson I learned as a child encourages me to let go...

The relatives gathered to celebrate Christmas at my aunt and uncle’s large Wisconsin farmhouse. The children were called together to play the game, Bingo, and were shown a display of gifts ranging from small to larger packages. Sensitive to feelings, my aunt made sure there were enough presents for each of the thirteen children to receive one after their first win.

Younger than most of my cousins, and quieter by nature, I was still just as excited about the prospect of being able to choose from the pile of colorful packages.

But, as we played, one child after another won the game before I managed to get my circular pieces in the required straight line. Packages were eliminated from the pile, and as the supply dwindled, my heart began to sink as the larger gifts disappeared.

It seemed to take forever, but finally it happened. I shouted, “Bingo!”

It was my turn to pick from the remaining few packages. I tried to guess what could be hidden inside each one. I made my decision and reached for a large gift, wrapped in bright red paper. There had to be something wonderful inside.

“Big things come in small packages,” my aunt whispered in my ear. She pointed to a gift, barely noticeable, wrapped in plain white tissue paper.

I trusted her and picked the smaller gift. I carefully unfolded the delicate tissue and discovered the silver ring that had been hidden inside. The setting held a round, cut piece of glass that reflected all the colors of the rainbow. The ring had to be inexpensive, but to me it was the most beautiful thing I’d every seen. In my eyes and heart, I held a treasure in the palm of my hand.

In our pursuit for what we think may be better, it’s so easy to overlook anything that might appear insignificant. But, what are we missing? What are the blessings, or everyday gifts, that we take for granted?

I don’t ever want to lose appreciation for a cool breeze blowing through the window on a hot afternoon, a comfortable bed after a tiring day, or a beautiful sunrise reminding me of God’s presence.

Wonderful, exciting, beautiful…and even life-changing things can be found in small packages. After all…didn’t the greatest gift bestowed upon us come in the gift of a small baby by the name of Jesus? And He gave the biggest gift of all. He gave us the gift of eternal life.

May you find great blessings in the small things,

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  1. The Dirksen11:33 PM

    The part about God seems tacked-on. Could you work him into the part before the ring?


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