Come ... Rock with Me

Moving back and forth in a rocking chair at a slow, rhythmic pace is relaxing, isn’t it? It’s soothing for not only babies and small children, but for us adults too.

I love rocking my little grandson and seeing his sweet face become peaceful as his eyes close. But the other day, this social five-month-old decided that since Grandma was there, it was time to play! He fought sleep, but succumbed to my rocking, only to wake up wide-eyed after only five minutes—ready to get up and get going.

I tried again later, thinking the poor child must surely be exhausted. His eyes looked heavy and he yawned. We snuggled in the rocking chair and soon he was in a deep sleep. I laid him in his crib, expecting him to be out for some time. But once again, slumber didn’t last long! Fifteen minutes passed, then he was alert and letting me know he wasn’t going to waste any time in dreamland!

As I picked him up and smiled at his grin, I realized that I’m like my grandson when it comes to resting in God’s arms. When I spend time with him, too often I’m fidgeting—anxious to get on with other things. Yet, I know his desire for me is to stop being so eager to move … to just relax, refresh, and appreciate his arms wrapped around me.

The photo of the two rocking chairs looks peaceful and inviting doesn’t it? What would it be like to sit there with God and talk—or even enjoy his presence in the quiet?

We have that opportunity, you know, wherever we are. We just need to slow down and take it ...


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