Ways to Give Joy to the Lord

Do song lyrics or Bible verses float into your thoughts from who-knows-where?

One day a song with the words, “the joy of the Lord is my strength,” popped into my head. I’ve always valued music’s influence on memory, but wasn’t sure if those words were actually included in the Bible. I found them.

“The joy of the Lord is your strength.” (Neh. 8:10 NIV)

To me, the words had always meant that if I stayed close to the Lord I would be okay. No matter what struggles, challenges, or heartbreak I faced. With the joy given me through just knowing him and having him in my heart, I would have enough strength to get through tough times.

My original interpretation only focused on what I got out of it.

It was all about ME.

But the verse stayed with me and began to take on additional meaning . . .

I began to wonder … what if we turned it around? What if we could also be strengthened by giving HIM joy? What would that look like?

Here are some ways I think we can start.

Spend focused time with him. Our God loves relationship. But it’s pretty difficult to have one without spending time together. (Doesn’t it bring you joy when you know someone is excited to see you?)

Speak to him throughout the day and acknowledge his presence. Let him know he’s important in our life. Prayer doesn’t need to be confined to a set time of day.

Care for his other children. We’re supposed to be a family. I believe it gives God great joy when we help others through sharing our resources, talents, or time.

Be thankful. In good times, praise him for our countless blessings. In bad times, instead of whining or complaining, thank him for his promises, and trust that he has our backs.

Take care of our own bodies. We are wondrously made, and we shouldn’t take our health for granted.

Enjoy and honor nature. He created this wonderful, beautiful world, and it must delight him when we not only appreciate, but also take care of this gift.

I believe that by embracing and doing these things, we’ll become better, happier people. The joy of the Lord can be our strength.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think brings the Lord joy?


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