Creating Your Legacy

Have you ever wondered how you’ll be remembered? What type of legacy you’ll leave behind?

I have …

Forever, I’ve had a strong desire to make a difference in the world. That yearning has been accompanied by wondering what that’s supposed to mean for me.

As a teen, I dreamed of being a missionary in Africa or part of a ministry reaching out to runaways on New York’s city streets. Instead, I followed my parents’ wishes that I attend college before making any decisions. While in school, I fell in love, got engaged, and was married three weeks after graduation. My life took a drastically different path than what I’d thought.

Although I loved being a wife and mother, I still struggled for years with the same question. What was I supposed to do with my life?

Of course, over the years I was involved with different ministries and community outreach programs. But I still felt like I was missing the mark.

Then, through a variety of circumstances, I was drawn back into writing—something I’d always loved—and I discovered my calling. I found I could touch people’s lives through the written word.

That led to discovering a knack and enjoyment for editing other people’s work and helping them grow in their craft so they do a better job of conveying what they have to share.

But I still have to work through some things … You see, I’m quite driven and goal-oriented. First born—overachiever. Throw in a profession where there is always more that could be done! I could easily work seven days a week. Yeah … ask my husband about that. He’s always encouraging me to take time out for rest and play.

One day I made a promise to myself. Unless it was absolutely impossible, I would always try to put other people and their needs first. Because I’ve stuck by that promise for years, God has opened my eyes …

I may never have a million dollars to donate to charity. I may never write a best-selling novel. But that’s okay, because some of the most important things I can do to make a difference are to listen to, pray for, and encourage those around me.

Now that I have a grandson, I’m very much aware of the opportunity I have to influence his life and those of future grandchildren. I want to share so many things with him—my faith, love of books, a hunger for knowledge, and an appreciation for nature and creativity. I want to be a role model of kindness and patience.

Maybe the only legacy I leave behind will be how I love people … And that can be enough for me.

What about you? What will your legacy be? What do you want it be?


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