Silent Night

What holiday memories are held in your heart? Do they include decorating the Christmas tree? Candlelight services on Christmas Eve? A favorite gift received?

Many of the things we enjoy and have fond memories of may center on spending time with family and friends. The Christmas season is a time when our level of “activity” rises. We’re busy shopping, baking, decorating, writing letters, and sending out cards.

Sometimes our lives become so filled with the flurry of the holiday, we have to schedule time to breathe! *wink* And although I enjoy the festivities, one of my fondest memories has nothing to do with the hustle and bustle.

I grew up in a small Wisconsin town that had, and still has, a population of about five hundred people. The high school is on one end of town, while our house at the time was closer to the other end. After extracurricular activities, I walked down Main Street to get home. Most of the businesses closed up by 6:00 p.m., and there was never much traffic.

One specific December evening, the sky seemed especially dark. White flakes began to softly fall. The town was silent, except for the crunch of my boots on previously packed-down snow. Lit garlands hung across the street, as well as sugarcanes and bells from the light poles.

It was quiet. Peaceful. And though no one strode next to me, I wasn’t alone. It was one of those moments when I strongly sensed God’s presence with me.

God is always with us, but too often we can’t shut out enough of the world around us to feel Him. Just like the carol about the night of Jesus’s birth, we need a silent night—a holy night—when all is calm.

During this time before Christmas, I encourage you to turn off the TV and music. Grab a cup of tea, hot cocoa, or a glass of wine. Sit in silence for even a few minutes near your lit Christmas tree, or a fire in the fireplace, and just “be.” Sit with God. Feel His presence. And think about that night, so long ago, when a baby’s cry broke the silence.


To help get you in the mood … this wonderful, gospel version of “Silent Night.”

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  1. So well said, as usual. Thanks for the reminder!


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