The Party Isn’t Over!

How are you feeling today? Are you still smiling in the afterglow of Christmas? Or are you relieved the holiday is over? Possibly even feeling a little down after all the excitement?

As I post this on New Year’s Eve day, some of you may be gearing up for a night out on the town, a little get-together with friends, or a quiet night with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. But before you know it, that party will be over too.

Don’t fear—I’m not trying to depress you!

It’s just that I got to thinking one night, how similar getting ready for Christmas is to preparing for a wedding. The last eight years I’ve been involved with planning and implementing four weddings, so I’ve had some experience.

Of course, wedding preparations can take up to a year—sometimes even longer—while Christmas activities are usually contained within the month of December.

When we plan a wedding, we work for hours in an effort to make everything just right. We want it to be perfect. The bride’s dress has to be perfect; the flowers have to be perfect; the whole day needs to be perfect.

Similarly, many of us also put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create the perfect Norman Rockwell or Martha Stewart Christmas for our families. We work until we’re exhausted, and then before we know it, the holiday is over and it’s time to box up the decorations until next year. And we wonder where the warmth and togetherness have disappeared.

But here’s the deal …

A wedding is a ceremony—a party. After the bride’s bouquet has wilted and the dress has been hung in the closet, the real stuff begins. It’s up to the couple to keep the love and excitement alive in the relationship.

It’s also up to us to keep Christmas alive. It shouldn’t be celebrated only once a year and boxed up with the tree ornaments and garland. What we do during the holiday can be fun, and it can make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. But we don’t have to put our joy and giving hearts on the shelf until next December.

The party should never be over when it comes to Christmas. Spending time with loved ones, sharing with those in need, and sending thoughtful notes to people who could use a little pick-me-up should be things we do year round.

Spread some cheer … and a little peace on earth, good will toward men.

The party isn’t over!


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