Gentle Reminders

My environment is extremely important to me. Not only how it affects me, but how family and guests respond to being in our home.

For instance, warm colors like soft yellows and browns (red is used as an accent color) are used in the family room and kitchen. A variety of plants are scattered throughout the house. During cooler months, a fire usually burns in the fireplace, and scented candles add a glow to rooms.

Those who visit, see gentle reminders of who and what is important to me.

Frames display photos of our children, parents, and friends. They remind me that I am greatly blessed by wonderful people in my life.

Spending time in the woods, mountains, or on an ocean beach is a spiritual experience for me. I always feel closer to God when I’m surrounded by nature. So in the front room, you’ll find baskets of pinecones, a tray filled with shiny rocks, photos of fall leaves, and scenes painted in watercolor. They are gentle reminders that I serve an awesome God and creator.

A wall hanging from Africa, brought back by my youngest daughter when she returned from a mission trip, hangs in the family room. It’s a gentle reminder to think of others and reach out to our fellowman.

The word believe is cut from metal and hangs in a prominent place. It reminds me to believe that God is always with us. He provides for our needs, comforts us, and never lets us down. It's also a gentle reminder to believe in myself and my dreams.

What do you enjoy having around you? What are some things that make you feel at home? Comfortable? Secure?

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