Preparing Your Fields for Rain

I recently watched Facing the Giants, a movie about faith and football. In the story, a coach at a Christian high school faces the possibility of his losing his job, while also struggling with disappoints on the home front. But when he puts his life in God's hands and focuses on honoring Him, the coach’s desires are realized.

I took away several profound statements from this film. One of them was made by a man in the community who routinely walked the halls, praying as he passed the lockers of every student in the school. He told the coach that he should go ahead and prepare the fields in expectation of rain. What he meant was that the coach should continue serving, sharing Christ, and mentoring those kids, (preparing the fields) and God would bless him, his family, and the team (the rain).

If we desire something and believe it to be within God’s will for our lives, we need to believe that God will bless our work. But first, we need to do our part so God can do His.

I realized that this was exactly what my husband and I had done – we'd prepared our fields. It had been a long-time desire of mine to work full time from home - writing and editing. For the past year and a half, he worked overtime to help us financially prepare for that transition. During that time, I worked nights and weekends, laying a foundation to launch a freelance editing business. I prayed for the business, and for the clients God would provide. Recently, the timing felt right to leave my day job. We took a huge leap of faith - both feeling at peace about our decision. God blessed us with providing editing work before I even gave notice that I was leaving the company where I was employed.

What we accomplished was very exciting for us – but we couldn’t have done it without working together and God blessing our efforts. We prepared our fields for rain. We plowed, sowed seeds, and weeded, believing God would send the rain needed for our fields to grow and flourish.

Perhaps there is something you have a desire to accomplish. A goal – or something you feel called to do.

Does it feel impossible? Does it feel out of reach? Maybe it's not.

Search your heart. Seek God. If it still feels compelling for you – prepare your own fields. Then step out in faith, believing that God will bless your efforts and hard work.

Have a great week!



  1. Beautiful post. As a farmers wife, I know the importance of preparing the field. You work the ground, feed it, weed it, and pray over it. Then it's God's job to send the rain. If you haven't sown the seed, nothing will grow. It's a wonderful analogy. I am at that place in my own writing life - needing to continue with my job and step back and believe God for the rain.

    Blessings! And best wishes with your new adventure.

  2. Thanks, Jan.

    I understand what you're experiencing. It can be so hard to find that balance of following your heart's desire - while still being responsible.

    My hope and prayer is that you'll discover the answers for yourself, and that God will provide all the rain you need. :-D


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