To Be Noticed

I believe most people want and need to be noticed.

Take for example the couple who recently made national headlines by reporting their six-year-old son was possibly on board a helium balloon that floated away. When the balloon landed, the little boy was actually found safe at the family’s home.

The couple face charges that include conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false report to the authorities, and attempting to influence a public servant.

The lawyer for the family has stated that the father was obsessed with trying to land a TV show and become famous.

People want and need to feel important in one way or another.

To be appreciated.

To be noticed.

A little boy tugs on his mother’s shirt while she’s visiting with a friend, demanding her attention.

A girl, knowing the answer to a question, raises her hand in class, hoping the teacher will choose her.

A homeless person on the street yearns for someone to call him by name.

A hardworking young woman wishes her boss would acknowledge the effort she puts into her work.

A wife desires her husband to compliment the new way she’s cut her hair.

I believe even the very shy want to be recognized as having a place and purpose in the world. But sometimes I think we can get so caught up in getting noticed, we forget that we should be about noticing other people.

What would our day look like if at every opportunity we genuinely complimented a person?

Sincerely inquired as to how someone is doing - and then actually took the time to listen?

Or acknowledged a coworker for a job well done?

I challenge you to focus on making those around you feel important. By taking the time to notice other people, you may discover just how important you are . . .


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