If Only I Could Hibernate

The clock radio next to my bed clicked to 4:50 am and I woke to a country western ballad. I turned over, pulled the covers up close to my chin, and checked the time. Despite the black sky, it was morning, and time to get up for work.

Buried deeper under the covers, I listened to the rain beating on the window panes. The bed was warm, cozy . . . and it felt sooooooooo good to just lay there. Hibernating from the cold—the wet—and the world.

If only I could just stay home today. I wouldn’t have to deal with the long commute, crazy drivers, horrible traffic, or crazy drivers. There wouldn’t be any expectations or deadlines to meet at work that day. Did I mention crazy drivers?

A sigh escaped my lips. The day could be spent in front of the fireplace, dressed in sweats, writing away on my laptop. With a fresh pot of coffee at my side, and no interruptions, I was sure I could get several chapters written for my novel.

Yep . . . if only I hibernate and stay in my own little world.

But, I didn’t. I threw off the covers, forced my body out of the bed, and drove into work. (After I dressed appropriately, of course.)

It’s important to take time off from responsibilities and refresh our minds and bodies. And there are times when I think it would be nice to escape more often to solitude. I am an introvert, after all.

Some days we need to crawl into a cocoon of our own making.

Where it’s safe.



But I don’t believe that’s where God wants us to stay.

I believe we’re called to step out from our shelter into the “real” world, where the storms of life batter people emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

There we can trust Him to provide us with what we need in order to help build shelters for those who need sanctuary. A place to rest their bodies, hearts, and minds. And I don't necessarily mean a physical structure. Some people just need a hug or a listening ear from someone who sincerely cares.

Step out . . . and have a great week.


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