My Agenda - or God's?

Have you ever planned and imagined how something was going to turn out, only to have it not go quite the way you wanted?

Months ago I requested the past week off from the day job for a stay-at-home vacation. I’ve never had one before. Usually you think of vacation as a time to kick back, go to the beach, explore new territory, or just read a book.

I decided this vacation would be devoted to working on my current novel. I post-phoned appointments, turned down invitations to social gatherings, and made my husband promise to not interrupt me during office hibernation.

I envisioned immersing myself in writing from early morning until the wee hours of the next, and set a goal for finishing the rough draft I’d made such slow progress on during the past year.

But as the days progressed, things didn’t go according to plan.

My husband and I enjoy a nice yard, so every year I plant several truckloads of flowers in the front and back of the house, filling a large window box, pots, and hanging planters. With bad weather during one weekend, and a trip out of town another, we hadn’t gotten the job done. So after several trips to Home Depot and Fred Meyer – and many hours of labor, the work was completed.

Then one thing after the other followed. A mix up at the bank due to charges posting twice for the same purchase. Another with my insurance company pertaining to mail order prescriptions. Only I could deal with both - and both cost me hours on the phone.

There were blogs to write, email to catch up on, unexpected interruptions, and at times I was just too tired to work on my manuscript.

It didn’t take long to see that I’d set unrealistic goals for how much writing could feasibly be accomplished in a week.

It all resulted it frustration, followed by self-beating for failing at what I thought needed to be accomplished.

I had to take a step back.

Instead of asking God what His agenda was for me, I’d been too consumed in my own.

I haven't spent every possible minute absorbed in my work, but other valuable things happened during the course of the week that would have been difficult had I not been on “vacation.”

I spent several hours on the phone, offering support to a friend who’s going through a crisis.

My daughter in New York City and I were able to spend time together for several hours on two separate occasions via Skype without being hindered by the three hour time difference.

A special friend and I were able to share a lengthy lunch together on an afternoon I’d normally be at my day job.

And – with prayer and lots of caffeine, I was still able to write more than what I could have in four weekends - which has kicked me back into gear.

I think God had a different agenda for my week, and I believe His held far more blessings.

Have a great week – and leave the agenda to Him.


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  1. Love this post, Dawn. So true. And I love our get-togethers. :)

    Big hugs,


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