God Gives Everyone Talents - Don't Waste Yours

A coworker stopped me as I strolled past her desk.

“Did you hear? Michael Jackson died!”

Stunned, I listened to her explain, and couldn’t help but feel saddened.

In my opinion, he was a musical genius.

I grew up with Michael. Not literally – but I’m only a few years older than the fifty-year-old super star. So as I matured from a little girl into a woman, I also watched him morph from a little boy into a man who seemed to have lost his way.

Today’s news reminded me of another shocking death. The day Elvis Presley died I was a sophomore in college. I stood in my apartment when the report was broadcast. Elvis was only 42. The man had charisma and a voice that couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else.

Both men were extremely talented. Both contributed so much.

But . . . I wonder how much more – not only musically - they could have given to the world if they’d been able to live not only longer, but a different lifestyle.

And I think . . . what a waste.

Is it selfish of me to have wanted more from them?
Yes! I’m guilty.

My feeling deprived of what I believe could have been also makes me realize something else. God has given us all gifts and talents that shouldn’t be squandered.

We may never be music super stars. Or great sports heroes. I may never make a guest appearance on Oprah with a best selling novel.

None of us may every have big glory moments. We may never even feel appreciated for the things we do for family and friends.

The important thing is to recognize that we all have a purpose and a reason for being who we are. Who God made us to be.

I don't want to waste time - or what God has given me to share.
Do you?


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