Humanity Salon

I just heard about a really cool place.

It's a new salon in Kent, Washington, called Humanity Salon.

Co-owners John and Charissa Benson decided they wanted to make a difference in the world. They believed that by creating this unusal salon, they could share their ideas about giving, and at the same time, make an impact in the community.

Their platform focuses on inner beauty, and the slogan used is "Giving Hope to the Hopeless, Giving Purpose to the Comfortable."

Although operating like many other upscale salons, Humanity Salon is a non-profit entity, donating 20% of all sales to six partner organizations. These include World Vision, Big Brother Big Sisters, Katherine’s House (provides transitional housing and support services for single women in recovery), Washington Women’s Employment and Education (WWEE), The Hope Chest (provides furniture to those in need), and a local food bank.

Clients are given a choice of where their 20% is donated. Then they’re provided with updates so they can see the positive changes occurring through their giving.

Stylists, believing in the mission, are willing to work for smaller commissions than what they’d receive working at other establishments. And because the salon is non-profit, a board decides how much money John earns.

In a society where so much focus is put on being outwardly beautiful, this is an exciting twist! And I’m not talking about an up-do.

It makes me wonder . . .

John and Charissa discovered a creative way to minister to people in their community by using their God-given talents.

Is there something more that you and I could be doing with what God has given us?

To learn more about Humanity Salon, visit

Have a great week!


  1. That is so cool! I wonder if there are more places like that?

  2. Thanks for visiting!

    I think the salon is really cool, too. I think it's one of a kind, created out of the owner's desire to help people learn how to give. Their location isn't too far from where I live, so I have even more of an interest in their success. :)


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