Sandra D. Bricker – Author of Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas

Have you ever tried to be someone you’re not in order to fit in or impress people? Or been too impatient to wait for God’s timing?

Lucy struggles with both in the entertaining romantic comedy, Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas, by Sandra D. Bricker.

If you want to curl up in front of a fire on a snowy or rainy afternoon with a fun read, choose this book. I enjoyed Sandie's witty writing, and not only laughed with Lucy at her mishaps, I was touched by her heart’s experiences. I couldn’t help but cheer her on.

Back cover copy . . .

So what if she can’t hook a fish? This girl has a plan to snag something else . . . and his name is Justin.

Lucy Binoche is attractive and intelligent, and she has better-than average hair. So why is she nearly 30 and still single?

When stunningly gorgeous Justin Gerard joins the singles group at church, Lucy is convinced he’s the answer to her prayers. And when he signs up for a camping trip in Snowball, Arkansas, Lucy is quick to write her name on the line beneath hi. There’s only one problem; Lucy’ idea of “roughin it” is suffering through a long line at Star bucks.”

She assumes she can rely on the grace of God and the assistance of her best friend, Matt, to thrive in the great outdoors. Will Lucy pretend to be someone she’s not just to snag a boyfriend? Or will she discover that she can be loved just as she is?

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Interview with Sandie

What inspired the theme for the book?

I guess I did. I wanted to tell a story about how easy following the Lord's leading in your life can be, and yet how complicated we make it when we decide to take the reins from Him. I've been fighting this all my life because ... now don't be shocked! ... but ... I'm a bit of a control freak. So I'll often get a certain thing in my head and fly off to make it happen without a second thought about God's timing and intervention. I've become far less impetuous with age, and I've learned a lot of life lessons from the results of my behavior, so I wanted to tell that story. Maybe remind a few people out there who are like I used to be that just because we have the plan to make it happen doesn't necessarily mean it's in our best interest if it does. The will of the Lord is a fine and beautiful thing. Following it doesn't always have to be filled with struggle and sacrifice. He's pretty good at planning, if we'll just let Him.

Since Snowball is an actual place, how much research did you have to complete in order to write the story?

I did a lot of research. My editor at Summerside is really committed to making the locations as real as possible. I'd been to the area several years ago. I was a publicist at the time, and one of my clients had a charity appearance in Little Rock, so I went along. We spent a couple of extra days there, exploring the area, and I came home convinced that I would someday retire there. It was just so beautiful and lush. Although I grew up in southern Ohio, I'd just spent the last 15 years or so in Los Angeles, which of course is a virtual desert. Arkansas was green grass, thriving trees and blue skies. It was inspiring. So when the chance to write Snowball came up, I jumped at it. I followed up what I already knew with about two weeks of research via the internet and phone calls to local businesses. I met some great people by phone who told me so much about the area. By the time I started writing, I felt like I knew the place intimately.

Are you considered a funny person by those who know you?

You might have to ask them just HOW funny, of course ... but yes. I'm pretty much known as the class clown. I'm a believer that, like scripture says, a merry heart is a great medicine. And the Lord blessed me with that kind of mind that just sees something quirky or odd to laugh at in almost any situation. It can sometimes be questionable behavior to those around me, but fortunately I'm surrounded by people who "get" me.

Does writing comedy come naturally for you? It seems to flow effortlessly across the pages.

What a lovely thing to say, Dawn! Thank you so much. It really does come naturally to me. I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing in some form. Short stories and poetry and journals at a very young age ... I studied screenwriting when I moved to Los Angeles ... and then books came after that. I've always had this picture of God, when He was creating each one of us, right there at the end before He moved on to the next one, cupping us in His big hands and leaning down and whispering something into our hearts. For others, it might be "Musician" or "Organizer" or "Mom" ... but for me, it was definitely "Writer."

Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas, is part of the new series of romance novels being released by Summerside Press. The novels are uniquely named after actual American towns with quirky, interesting names. Tell us about your upcoming releases with Summerside.

I'm very excited to have been invited to write two more novels for Summerside. The first, due out at Christmas next year, is set in Holiday, Florida. When my editor asked me to write it, I didn't even know where Holiday was! And then I discovered it was just 30-40 minutes away from me in Tampa Bay, and I'd visited every town around it at least once! My best friend flew in from Ohio one weekend, and we made a road trip out of it (any excuse, you know), and we really dug around in Holiday. It was such fun, and I think the book is going to be a lot of fun too. Then in 2010, I'll have another one set in Big Sky, Montana. I've only been to the area once, but I did take some pictures, so I'll be digging around to find those sometime next year to begin my research. That story is going to be a real adventure too.

Any books coming out with other publishers?

Yes, in Spring 2010, Abingdon Press will release The Big Five-OH!, a romantic comedy about a woman whose birthday always seems to bring a dark cloud of disaster. In an effort to break the chain, she leaves Ohio in time to celebrate her 50th for two weeks in the Florida sun.

Thanks, Sandie!

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Happy Reading!


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