Stormy Night with God in a Hot Tub

The eight hour work day had felt twelve hours long. The commute home in traffic moving at the lightening speed of five miles per hour - while rain slammed down on the car windshield - felt even longer.

I called my husband and warned him ahead of time. He knew I needed a little space when I arrived home and kept his greeting low key. Smart man.

It took only a few minutes to change into a swim suit, pin my long hair on the top of my head, and grab a towel. Then it was out the back door into the dark night. Only a few more steps across the deck in order to reach the gazebo housing the hot tub. A luxury – and sooooo worth it.

I slipped my tired, aching body under the hot water. Not so hot that you turn lobster red in three minutes – but hot enough to soothe like a bath. One that doesn’t slowly become lukewarm and ultimately unsatisfying.

Rain pelted the top of the gazebo, and wind danced with the trees, but there was no thunder or lightening to warrant any concern about safety.

The underwater lights cycled through a rainbow of colors; the rays undisturbed by the stillness. I like it that way. No noise. No bubbles being thrown in your face. Just quiet and peaceful.

The tension in my taunt muscles began to relax. The sanctuary is a place for me to rest, clear my mind, think – and pray. I don’t need a hot tub to spend time with God – but I do know He’s more than willing to meet me there.

While natural forces partied hard, the water surrounding me remained calm. The wind occasionally blew a refreshing spray of cool rain on my face, but I never became chilled. When I returned to the house, I felt rejuvenated.

Our relationship with God can be very much like what I experienced that evening – if we let it.

The world can be a crazy place. But if we turn to God for sanctuary, He’ll give us peace - despite the storms that rage around us. When all we see is darkness and chaos, He can bring light and color into the bleakest of days. Spending time with Him will give us energy, strength, and desire to keep going. No matter what outside scary forces may briefly touch our lives.

Try resting this week in the warmth and sanctuary of God’s loving care.

And while you’re at it – treat yourself to a nice, hot bath.



  1. I'm really glad I have my Hot tub Enclosure. It was such a pain clearing snow of in the winter and raking leaves in the fall.

  2. TitansFan,

    Amen to that! We don't have to deal with the snow too often here, but the winter is full of rain.

    Thanks for visiting.

    I hope to see you here again.


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