Are You a Bloom or a Withered Leaf?

I enjoy the many flowers in my yard. But for them to look beautiful, they need to be given tender, loving care.

The hanging baskets are too high for me to reach, so most of the time I attach a wand to the end of the hose in order to water them. It’s hard work hauling the hose from area to area, between the bushes and over brick borders.

Certain jobs require me to climb a ladder—like removing spent flowers and browned leaves in order to promote new blooms. Or pouring water containing Miracle Grow into the dirt so the roots can absorb nutrients needed to maintain health.

I’m convinced neighbors peer out their window and think, “There goes that crazy lady again.”

I must be an odd, but entertaining sight, teetering as I reach for the elusive dried up leaf just out of reach.

You know…it'a a lot like our spiritual life. No kidding!

Plants need H2O in order to survive.
We need Jesus—the Water of Life. He quenches the thirst in our souls.

Plants should be pruned, and dead stuff, removed.
We need to eliminate things from our lives that hinder growth.

Plants require food in order to thrive.
As spiritual creatures, we need God’s word. We also need to be in fellowship with people who will encourage us to live the life we’re called to live—and be all who God desires us to be.

Just as it takes work to help my flowers grow, it also takes effort to grow spiritually. It takes time to read the Bible and other books. It takes time to attend Bible studies, church, or fellowship groups. And time is a pretty precious commodity.

Pretty weird to be compared to vegetation???
I understand.

But, think about it. Wouldn’t you rather be a gorgeous, blooming vine than a twig with only a few dried up leaves?

Remember…it doesn’t take much for a dry leaf to crumble.


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